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Concept is a website to support Christian teens in their daily questions of faith with non-denominational Bible-based practical information.

How do we achieve that?

With the platform we want to build a variety of topics and posts dealing with questions and challenges of teens, showing them God's viewpoint according to the Bible. Therefore offering practicable help to deal with everydays challenges of faith. Additional links, literature and contacts are to support this goal.

Target group

Teens age 14 to 18.


kids-teamWho is behind this project? is a Project of kids-team in Austria and Switzerland as well as Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Germany and.

Internationaler Development

Our goal is to build up a large enough number of authors to regularly publish posts. Our longterm goal is building up a network of authors and helpers in different countries and from different backgrounds, who support this website with content.


How you can help

We are looking for creative, experienced and commited people who support us with posts to various topics.
If you would be willing to support us building this website, by writing posts (2-3 times per year), we would love to hear from you.

Download: Guidelines for posts (PDF)


Additional to active help we are looking for general partnerships (e.g. with other missions…) who help us to further develop this website (e.g. financial support, advertising…). If you are interested in a partnership with us, please contact Bernd (Info see below).


If you have any further questions, please contact our project coordinator Bernd:

Bernd Willeke (Multimedia Leader, CEF Austria)
Phone: +43-6274-6877

Finances is a project of kids-team and therefore only financed by donations. We are not selling any products, services or ad-space. The usage of this website is and will be completely free of charge!

If you would like to support this project financially (e.g. to help us pay server, workers, advertising materials…) you can use the following bank account:

kids-team Austria
Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich
IBAN: AT463400000002675379


If you want to write about we'd love for you to send us a link to or a copy of it.

For your support we offer the following visuals:


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